Philosophy, Poetry

forbidden fruit

fruit is only ever forbidden

by the gods

who look after your curious self

because they know it only rots

after it has settled tightly

in the crevices of your soul

It awakens inside of you

that which you hope to never see

~ the idea of own wretchedness ~

as if you could ever be so!

it brings you up close

with your own humanity

but without which

compassion could never arise

the fearful gods hold you back

but the rebellious one eats anyway

Open the doors to all your closets

sit on the dirty floor with me and confess

that which we all already know

you bit the fruit too

And if you didn’t, you should have

be human among humans

dive with us into the blackness

of all that is unknown

leave your guardians behind

and kiss the lips

of the one you love the most

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