Creative Writing, Philosophy, Poetry

walking away

walking away from the old

the new is not yet clear

skies don’t seem friendly

hope has not yet arrived

walking anyway, with or without

safety is not the cage

I can stay in for long

edge is near

if my dad were here

he wouldn’t let me do this

but he’s not, and I know I won’t die

dad, wish you well in the other realms!

here on earth we play hard

take all our coins and toss them in

today I’m gambling with my life

4 thoughts on “walking away”

      1. Must have been what Psyche did when Venus/Aphrodite had her leap off a cliff cuz no mortal woman is supposed to compare to a goddess. That was supposed to resolve the problem,but the West Wind made her land gently in a paradise. The problem persisted needless to say. Sound familiar?


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