unleashed spirits

I have seen many great parties in my life.  I have been to Vegas and have gotten pretty drunk there.  I have had drinking parties with the girls and played dress up until we couldn’t anymore.  I have befriended bouncers and later got them to let my 14-yr-old nieces into the bar so they could dance salsa with me (I was in my early twenties).  I have driven three hours to make it to a great party and enjoyed every minute of it (the driving & partying).  I have danced until my feet couldn’t take it anymore.  I have gotten myself kicked out of a bar once, and it was with a dear friend who’s good-bye party just happened on Saturday.  Gotta say, after adding up all my partying moments, I have never had a party like great send-off of Saturday night!

One of the ingredients that makes for the best F’n party ever, is the lack of negative tension.  Girls, guys, husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, buddies, gal-pals, threesomes, gay couples, you name it, they were all at my party on Saturday and everyone loved them, loved each other, played very rough in the kitchen, ate a lot of food, drank a whole lot of tequila and ended up passed out in the back yard, on the sofas and underneath my desk (there were pictures).  I’m surprised to have found no one in my bathtub the next day!  As for me, I think someone found me on my front steps unable to move.  That angel of a person helped me to my bedroom and that’s where I stayed. Meanwhile, the party was happening hard without me, and I felt very peaceful about it.

What I love is the few sober & responsible adults made sure all of the kids got home safe.  We were all wild kids that night! And thank god for good friends, because there was only love and not judgement.  There was no vile drunkenness, and no one’s significant other flirting with someone else, no weirdness or unacceptable behavior (the kind that ruins relationships).  It was all plain and simple, unleashed spirits laughing out loud.

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