Life Stories

time to wake up!

Today I have decided to stop feeling guilty for other people’s failures. I have stopped holding myself back because someone else refuses to shine. Today I have let others fall behind if they can’t run fast enough. I realize I am in service to no one by not shining. My lack of success does not help the world!

I feel that I am at the vanguard of a new reality. I, and so many others, are creating a new world for others to step into. Not only for others, but for ourselves, for this world that exists now is not acceptable. Today, and I press forward into unknown territory, I will not stop to babysit other people’s delicate egos and fragile sense of self. I have done that already for so long and the only thing it has gotten me is mud on my face. Nobody wants to be babysat. Everybody wants to win their own battles! Everybody wants to be truly loved and respected. If you can’t offer that, don’t offer anything.

Today is the day to get it.

This doesn’t mean that you stop supporting your dear friends. I support people who are fighting something that to me seems next to impossible. These people will go and do something so great for the world, I know it. I feel very lucky to be the person who can walk with them in their dark hours. Very lucky.

Then there are so many others who refuse to fight at all. Their hours go by and all they have to show is more knowledge in video games, computer games, etc. They won’t read a new book or even question themselves, yet they want the world served to them—and with respect. I have done my best to not judge them and meet them where they’re at. I have even picked up pieces that they’ve dropped and handed it back to them. But I feel they have crept up on my back. Today I am peeling them off. Sorry if your legs hurt! Time to carry yourself. With that I have much more, much needed mental freedom.

I feel no more guilt about letting people fall.  It’s time for their own inner superpowers to come to the front lines and fight on their own behalf, and on behalf of all humanity.  In other words, it’s time to wake up.

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