time to sleep

It’s time to sleep

but i’m so awake!

The newness of courage

that is born inside of me

out of nowhere

it blew in through my window

carrying messages

from a previous incarnation

I used to be that girl

riding bareback on fast horses

swimming out to sea with no protection

walking away from all the bosses

who seemed to live and breathe to crush me

If I die on the side of the road

let it be

I will not live one more day

under your authority

And life became easy

well, in contrast to what was

If it is ever easy who’s to say

my lungs aren’t crushing in

my bones don’t hurt

my legs carry me again

Walking up the hill at 6 am

is pretty dang easy

People think I’m brave for doing so

maybe I should tell them what bravery is

back in the day when…

But today I have become brave again

with secret words in my soul

dancing around

waiting to come out

Sleep is not coming when I need it to

but 6 am will come anyhow

And my lovely hill, I will greet you!

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