Life Stories, Poetry

is it love?

is it love

when you walk next to someone

who really needs to be walked next to?

is it love

when you stoop down

and carry them on your back?

some call that enabling

Make ’em walk alone!

that’s how they build character

the kind of character

that abandons people and makes them walk alone?

I’ve walked a thousand dusty and arid miles

without a friend to help me

every hundred or so

someone would offer me a glass of water

just because the moment was right

I never let anyone know

the journey I was walking

nor would they believe me if I told them

Some people told me it was impossible

I didn’t know that I was crippled

forgot to check that fact

Now there’s more water than I can drink

and scotch to go with it!

not in it, with it, like, in a separate glass

I have more friends than I can keep track of

Some of them know

of my thousand mile journey

some can’t bear to listen

or it just never comes up in conversation

I am a new person now

and the strength I mustered to save my own life

now steps up to save that of others

I can see with sharp eyes

like an alcoholic can almost psychically

pick out another from a crowd of strangers

I spot the ones who are falling through the cracks

the ones who show up with very pretty faces

and never let on what is really going on

I know in my soul

and that is enough for me

I never say anything

I just serve them a glass of tea

to soothe the their aching hearts

Who would have known?

It’s the only thing they need

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