i sit down to write

i sit down to write

usually not knowing what I want to say

but knowing it wants to be said

the cloud above me

filled with words in its head

wants to spill out

it tells me what to tell

it has a story sometimes i don’t understand

it feels the things i feel

strangely enough, it thinks it’s me

makes me feel like gollum & smeagol

but i don’t want to steal the ring

nor do i want to trick anyone with riddles

but i do know

the edge of the earth

where the molten rock flows

and absorbs the immense power of our egos

is the place i want to go

4 thoughts on “i sit down to write”

      1. Aw yaya, always trying to bring writers together. Haha. Sometimes it’s so weird when I leave theses deep thoughtful responses on writing blogs, and then people come to my blog and see that all really write about is fashion not even in a formal way lol.


        1. ha ha! It doesn’t matter:-) You’re not the only one, by the way, lots of people do that. I think it’s just about showing up at the moment as who you are and what comes to you. Also, I don’t think anyone is one-dimensional.


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