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to my blog followers ~

When I write, I commit to keeping it as real as possible. I write for humanity out in the open unknown. I write to express the explosion of words that mount inside of me. I write because it’s a personal need. I never try to tread carefully. I figure, if anyone takes it personal, well, if the shoe fits they are more than welcome to wear it!

What I observe in my surroundings and what wells up inside of me, I’m aware that it is just another example of what is happening all over the world for we are all the same. The shoes that we choose to wear may be different sizes and colors, but, they are shoes nonetheless.

What about people without shoes? Maybe they are the enlightened ones who don’t get tangled up in life!

My writing is an act of bravery, and very seldom do I go back and edit myself, and when I do, it’s because I have had an attitude shift and what was edited didn’t represent my inner, deeper truth, but a moment of obscurity and confusion. This just means I won’t edit out what I really meant to say, but the garbage that can sneak through and end up on this page. Sometimes, when I am extremely angry, I should not write at all until all dust settles down. I don’t always follow my own advice…

But, I have never tried to write what I believe other people want to hear, and I never expected to have followers! Only this year have people begun to follow my blog, and as of today I have 101 followers of great people who’s work I, in turn, admire!

Thank you all for your royal stamp of approval!  This support keeps me moving forward.


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