Philosophy, Poetry

the crazy ones


Do you know why I never wrote before?

because everyone told me i was crazy

some said it in jest

others said it seriously

i mean

take medicine, gabriela!

you are clearly bi-polar!

if you knew what i knew

you would not talk to me this way

if you saw what i saw

maybe you would understand

but my reality was mine alone

then i read about Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz

what a badass she was

Feminist in the time

of the Holy Inquisition

Who on earth would dare?

Except my beloved, Veronica Franco

(of course!)

Then i read more

and more and more and more

everywhere I saw

the great heroins of time

never obeyed the men

that told them they were crazy

they all met the same walls

i myself, have come up against

So i must be doing

very good indeed!

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