Philosophy, Poetry

on this rock i will stand


i was told by many people

much older and wiser than myself

much more experienced in the world

not naive and somewhat dumb like I am

(dumb, as one who can’t speak)

that you can’t live in the world as an honest person

i mean, you can be honest most of the time

but not all the time

because the world is evil

and it will eat you up

watch out gabriela!

I was told by my uncle,

gabriela, ten people will tell you

ten different things

then you will stand up and say

this is what I think

i kept those words in my pocket for 20 years

the ten people have come and gone

leaving behind the same message

the world is evil. It can’t be trusted

now let me stand up and say this

for this is what i think

humanity is good

and on this rock i will stand

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