lead or gold?


Alchemists claim to turn lead into gold

the lead that they turn

and turn and turn and turn

never becomes gold!

Oh but it shimmers on its own

in turning and turning

they tell themselves

one day it will become

the gold that the dream of

and they keep going

around and around

the same circle

I personally am satisfied with lead

for it has a deeper taste and texture

it comes with scars and love

of battles and and icy mountains

sitting pretty is no fun to me

gold and diamond are boring things


what the hell is that?!


if i were to turn all my lead into gold

then the grief i had borne

would mend the broken hearts

from east to west and left to right

and north and south and up and down

but true love isn’t safe

nor does it show a pretty face

and there is no lead that becomes gold

while you are here on planet earth

devouring flesh you think you need,

 while pumping red blood and dreams

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