Circles, Poetry

freedom at last!


I’m done with you!

I’m done with the way

you twist and twirl in my blood

wrap yourself in my veins and nerves

make me hold my breath


I’m so done with you!

I’m done with how

you have kept me behind closed doors

and rolled down curtains

You hid my dance in dark places

so nobody would ever see

You shoved me into cracks and corners

where oxygen rarely reaches


you are the taskmaster

that no living soul should ever serve


I am so fucking done with you!!

how you have run your stories

in circles, up and down, in and out

yes, no, maybe, maybe not

everything and nothing…


Today is your day to say good-bye

Take your hat off and walk out.

As you do, don’t turn around

for your words will fall on the ground

Let me now I sit back in my chair,

raise my glass and toast to myself

3 thoughts on “freedom at last!”

    1. Showing art can cause anxiety, too. I would say anything that represents being “nude” in the world, causes anxiety. Taking new steps, moving away from my comfort zone, challenging myself… all that causes anxiety. Oh, I have many more things to note, but I will stick with these for now.

      Thank you, by the way 🙂


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