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pain-full or pain-free?

I don’t have much to say right now except I wish the world could live without pain.  Why is it needed? Why does it still exist? Is there anything we can do to stop it?

Forget changing other people’s lives.  Why do we, on a personal level, as intelligent (or so we think) human beings, running around life living in pain? Why don’t we do everything we can to change it? Why do we stay stuck?

Lately I have seen the faces of many older people who clearly have carried a heavy burden for a very long time.  It shows on their faces.  Why do they live that way? When there is so much in the world that is there to help us, change us, fix our problems, why do we keep reaching for that which proves to not work or have a high failure rate?

Why do we believe so intensely in our doctors when Western medicine is clearly not working as we had hoped.  The drugs are killing us.  Why do we keep taking them?

All we have to do is find a way to stop our own pain and we begin to unravel the whole system that is dependent on human ignorance.  Forget fear.  It’s ignorance.

We don’t *know* that there is an answer for us.  We don’t *know* we can get the help we need.  We don’t *know* how easy it actually is, or can be.  We don’t *know* how simple it is.

We’ve never been exposed to anything else except what we know.  And we think that what we have been exposed to is the extent of all reality.

A poem I wrote a few years ago:

The answer lies

underneath the layers

of all the things you think

you already know

5 thoughts on “pain-full or pain-free?”

  1. A very wise, deeply religious & very old man once said to me, “Everything I have ever learned is probably wrong, but I keep trying anyway. Who knows, I might get lucky.”


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