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soaking up the sun

Lately I feel like I have nothing exciting to post.

There’s nothing to vent about and no one to rebel against.  No boats to rock.

Has my life gotten boring?

Every day is hum-de-dum like a normal person.

Last Sunday I spent a long time talking to a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in almost a year. Wonderful re-connection!  In our conversation that went to the moon and back, we mentioned this flat-lining, hum-de-dum kinda life and how it is nice once in a while. If we desperately need a dose of adventure, all we have to do is try changing the world again!

We both agree on that one.

I’ve been extremely busy, but that doesn’t mean I’m living it up.  Work, art projects, drinking with the same friends with no new stories to tell them, going to the same places as always, meeting new people here and there, etc.  Lots to do with little time to rest, but that doesn’t mean it’s adventure.

I remember some time ago I would squint my eyes to see as far as I could into the future, and I there wasn’t a single day that wasn’t ridden with some sort of deep whirlwind or overturning of systems or rebelling against authorities, etc.  These days all that is gone. I am now “in the future” and it’s peaceful, calm, beautiful and has an air of having arrived.  Yet I have so much farther to go!  How can this be?

Our “things to do” will never, ever be done.  Might as well enjoy the moment  you’re in, sit back and soak up the sun.  Take rest when you can, and as much as you can, and get ready to go again.  The change-the-world bug is always ready to get me.


2 thoughts on “soaking up the sun”

  1. When navigating your way between the squalls, it is wise to enjoy the calms. As for “single-note days” (what a lovely idea), there are 440 cycles each second, in the A above middle-C; trying to count them-off does things to your sense of perspective & harmony.
    Enjoy the ride, let the destination take care of itself.


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