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thank you

Today I just want to say *Thank You!* to all the people supporting me!

Life’s a bitch.  It’s a bitch staying in my shell. It’s a bitch breaking out. Which road is ultimately the best? Who the hell knows!

I walk on wobbly legs, pretending to be brave. Oh, sometimes I am quite brave and do the thing I fear the most.

Someone asked  me recently, “Why do you blog?”

Because I know that the world relates to me in one way or another.  We are all human!  It breaks my heart so see so many beautiful people living in straitjackets.

Maybe I can help.

I know that I’m a trail blazer.  Always have been.

Being a trail blazer is difficult.  Often people don’t understand your motive.  They think you’re hiding something.  They think what I must want is what everyone else wants ~ or at least those in pop culture: money, prestige, fame.  Artists are supposed to want that, right?

I so much more...

I want to set a new standard.

There’s something we’re missing.  I can feel it but I can’t verbally express it.  I will write about it, paint about it and live my daily life about it, maybe eventually the *it* will emerge and we will all see it together.

With all this whirling around me, every other step is a riddle to unravel.  I think only sincerity can break the code.

I walk sincerely.  If I’m pissed off, then I’m sincerely pissed off! I’m not claiming to be good by anyone’s standards (finally let that go!), but I do believe in cause & effect.

You know, it’s hard to be my real self in daily life.  For all of you who support me support me emotionally for physically, thank you!  For all of you who follow my blog, thank you!  You are doing so much more than you know. You are feeding me and giving me water.  Some people give me wine.  I may not give anything back, but I promise to keep fighting.

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