being good

I’m tired of people trying to be “good”.  It gets so annoying! There is a word in Spanish for that, and it’s called “empalagoso” or, “empalagosa” if you’re female.  I don’t know if there is a literal translation, but it basically means an overdose of something “good”, like too much chocolate, cheesecake, or whatever.  People can be that way when they put too much effort in trying to be their idea of good.

What I have observed is that trying to be good breeds self-righteousness or a sense of superiority. It also breeds judgment of others who don’t live up to our standards.

Being “good” also keeps some people from standing up for themselves.  The reason why Mexico is in the crime trouble it is in now is because the women there have spent too many generations trying to be the Catholic idea of good.  They are subservient and obedient (unless you go deep into Zapatista territory and a few other places where the rebel women are true badasses).  But, if women were to stop doing to good shit and be brave, right where they are, the world would have to wake up.

As I walk through life, I think these things.  My intention is not to try to be good in someone else’ idea of what it looks like, but be good in the sense of justice.  Which means don’t be an unconscious jerk to people.  All I have to do is follow the justice compass in my heart, which does not mean suppress myself.  This is my idea of good.

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