I was supposed to wake up late today but forgot to un-set my alarm clock, so it faithfully yanked me out of my beautiful slumber at 6:30 am.  What should I do with extra morning hours?  Drink coffee, of course! And chant.  I haven’t chanted for months and just a few days ago I decided to start again. Maybe I’ll calm my whirlwinds down this way.

In front of my altar with Gimme coffee, a candle lit, and Buddhist beads in my hands, I chanted Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.  (I started chanting this about the time I moved to Ithaca and found it very helpful to my life).  When I’m chanting I see life more clearly, which I interpret as seeing through my *real* eyes instead of my ego-eyes.   Who I really am comes to the surface and all my false identities fall away like water.

I think of humanity. I think of my family. I think of True Love ~ the kind of love that embraces people without judging them first.  The kind of love that will walk through fire for someone. The kind that is loyal no-matter-what. The kind that hides nothing. The kind that forgives.


2 thoughts on “chanting”

  1. “Fairy tales weren’t invented for nothing. I think they represent a deeper truth about our reality as human beings on this earth.”

    You might have a look at Edmund Spenser’s “Faerie Queen” published in 2 halves, in1590 & 1596. The real & actual proof of what you have written.


  2. I am creating an altar now, stepping into self care of the heart and mind … and body as well. All of me is connected to all of me. I know little of this way of centering, this way of nurturing the soul. But I am listening and I am learning.


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