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My theme today is about forgiving myself.

I forgive myself for being arrogant. I may never  be able to change!

I forgive myself for holding onto the past for waaaaaaay too long…

I forgive myself for not walking steadily though some big and scary  storms.

I forgive myself for breaking…

I forgive myself for getting uber-pissed at things I should never be mad about.

I forgive  myself for not forgiving others (sooner).

I forgive  myself for being screwed up in all the ways that I am.

I forgive myself, like Deepak Chopra says, for not forgiving myself sooner.

Unforgiveness makes me an ugly duckling.

Today I want to be a swan.

1 thought on “forgiveness”

  1. We have to forgive ourselves because the Gods have a poor track record in this area (think Sisyphus to Judas, via Lucifer). We need & deserve to be better then we made them.


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