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which way?

Am I always supposed to know where I’m headed?

Am I always supposed to know exactly what to do?

What to say?

My crossroad doesn’t have two options

 it has about ten

One roommate says good bye

another is on her way

I look at all the directions I can go

Ithaca bids me to stay

She lures me in with her lovely lake,

homes, front doors and tree covered sidewalks

and sits me down next to her

Artist, writer, photographer, manager, leader

girl, woman, dreamer,

the most brave and the most cowardly

the most confused and the most certain

all in the same bubble

My heart sits patiently in the room

it whispers over and over again,

“Follow the yellow brick road”

Opening my eyes again from dreamland

I see it perfectly

2 thoughts on “which way?”

  1. A ten fork lol
    Great nerrative
    I always wondered what crossroads where like for you
    I understand cross roads better now

    *Looks around*
    Now that I am paying attention this is what it’s like
    There are ancient gods of cross roads
    Evidently you can worship them in modern times


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