I sat in silence today

Passed the day in stillness

Filled my corners with a whole lot of


Out of every person who has tried to just do Nothing

I think I do it the best

                  Until you sit me next to Wayward, that is

                                        She’s got me outnumbered

                                   With the piles of Nothingness Image

                                                she has mustered

                                                                  Only her!

But today I did Nothing

“Egg Chair” because you can put a big egg in it, says my niece Francesca

Sat on my “egg chair” for a long while

Drank coffee


Read some passages in “You Can Heal Your Life”

My favorite bible 🙂

I have the pretty version

the one with hearts, butterflies and happy people all over it


Tried cooking food, burnt it all

should have stayed doing


                                 On a Nothing day you’re not supposed to cookImage

because it will all come out bad

                   Should already know that!

            On Nothing day you shouldn’t wash dished either

because you’ll break at least three

I know that

On a Nothing day you shouldn’t move furniture

because you will bang your shins for sure

Nothing days are for Nothing!


Finally acquiescing to the great power of Nothing

to take control of my day

 I sat on the couch and obeyed

then wrote the poem for today

  ~        ~          ~


                                    It’s in Nothingness where everything happens

       Truth emerges like a blade of grass

Image     And puts all my chaoses back in orbit

4 thoughts on “nothingness”

  1. Speaking of evil, the other name for cooking on a nothing day, love and the Devil. Jen and I were just talking about doing nothing yesterday. We were just discussing it in relation to a person’s superpowers. Have you noticed how come flavors of nothing replenish people’s super
    powets? A way to discover what they are too.
    A most enjoyable practice. Sometimes.
    You have an egg?


    1. I will remember to never cook on a Nothing day.
      And, yes, I have a great big egg that fits just perfectly in it’s own special chair. It’s going to hatch Humpty Dumpty! ha ha


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