spells are cast on her

Spells are cast on her

Humanity mourns

They searched the dark woods

For the cloak that could save her

Only to find it in shreds

Humanity mourns

For Eve lost her innocence

And cannot put it back again

Spells are cast on her

And the world has grown dark

Frigidity replaced her soft soul

Humanity mourns

Yearning of the trees

That would once bloom

In April, May & June

Has turned to dried leaves

Which now can cover no one

Humanity mourns

Adamant adventurers

Search under rocks

Under roots and piles of leaves

For the magic words

to break the spell~

Eve must wake up!

Only with her awakening

Will the rigidness of humanity end

For it has no chance

Underneath her rays of her light

In the world

Where no work is left undone

Eve will most definitely wake

She will lift her face to see

Reality, as it should be

Leaves will uncurl

And offer shade again

And us?

We will sit down to eat

8 thoughts on “spells are cast on her”

      1. Interesting thought. In the later stories (from the 8th Century) she is created at the same time as Adam, & from the same earth. She is exiled from Eden because she won’t accept Adam’s authority. God then creates Eve from Adam’s rib to ensure she is always subservient to him. So Lilith is the real woman while Eve is the plastic sex-doll?


        1. Joseph Campbell would say that all mythology represents an aspect of our human experience. When I wrote about Eve as representing all women, I did not yet know about Lilith.

          Lilith doesn’t seem like the woman that anyone can fuck with. Eve, on the other hand, she’s the one who needs “salvation” because she was born into an abusive situation. And since women have been abused historically, I would say Eve is the myth to use. Lilith is already awake and in her power.


            1. The legend also says that she’s knows as a “demon”, so I’m trying to understand that. Are demons necessarily bad? Or were they a metaphor to represent an aspect of us that religion has tried to suppress?


              1. The older Jewish “demons” are spirits (very vague, usually other religions/civilizations gods) but in the later traditions demons are fallen angels, part of the third of the host that rebelled against God & were expelled from Paradise when they lost the war. Liltih may have originally been part of a Babylonian pantheon (possibly she is even as old as the Gilgamesh stories – the very first stories that people ever told). The more “fun” story about her being Adam’s first wife, appears around the 730s and may come a misinterpretation of religious paintings in Jordan & Iraq.

                And demons only get referred to as bad by the Peoples of the Book; in other more pluralistic religions they are simply described as “bright”.


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