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the golden path

Artist – Sergey Solomko
Child Slave
Google Image

The golden path is for royalty alone.

Be aware!  The subtleties that tell you you’re not allowed bite really hard when you step the wrong way.  Go walk your own rugged path! for that’s where you belong.

The golden path is for the children of royalty too, for they are them.  They walk wherever they want, needing permission from no one.  The world bows.  If you’re in their presence, you bow too, even if you don’t want to.  You do this over and over again, rejecting it and accepting it at the same time.

Until one special day.

The day that you realize the gold to make the path has been stolen from the hard work of orphans. Little slaves, like forced elves, weave the golden threads every day, every day.  No rest.  No nourishment.  No hope.  No one knows.  And if they know, they don’t care.  And if they know and care, they don’t know what to do.  And if they know, and care, and know what to do, they are too afraid to do it.  And if they know, care, know what to do, and fear nothing….well, royalty it’s your turn to beware.

For your status is very fragile, come face to face with the fearless.

wonder woman
Wonder Woman – Google Image

2 thoughts on “the golden path”

  1. How are you?

    Decided not to hog your blog attention first thing. Gonna wait to loooove this bold true post! Hope you are out socializing too!

    Needed a break from people. Not interacting has an immediate effect on numbers, I know. I need quiet too.

    Just found out: When you tweet things about shifting consciousness, tag them with the hash tag #shift. Then when anyone interested in shift searches shift or clicks on any #shift hashtag it takes them to a twitter reader with yours and everyone’s shift tagged stuff.

    Do you want to post a poem a day in April? It’s national poetry month. They can be your old stuff you never shared! Just line them up and set the clock for them to auto post once a day tagged NaPoWriMo . That way you get a sure audience. Also tag them poetry so they go to WordPress poetry reader too.

    I’m just learning this stuff.

    Magic is needed here. Got magic?


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