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the scars of slavery

Art by K. A. Williams. Image taken from the FB page “Africa” (community)

I know who this woman is and what she is feeling.  I know as if I were alive in her time, standing next to her, watching the slave ship arrive to take more of her loved ones away.  I was there in my mind.  In some sort of time-lapsing possibility,  I was there.

Maybe I am her, still carrying the scars of slavery in my soul.  Maybe I will keep tossing and turning in all my graves and won’t ever settle, until every last child of slavery is free again.

Free in every sense of the word.  Free from economic slavery.  Free from spiritual slavery.  Free from drugs, alcohol and self hatred.  Free from grief and hopelessness.  Free from a system that is set against them.  Free from prison.  Free from stupid drug laws.  Free from institutionalized bullshit that makes them feel inferior.  Free from the idea of a god that would judge them harshly.  Free from every kind of indoctrination that limits the soul.

Free from all things at last!

But not only them.  Me too, and all my Mexican compatriots.  But not only us, the whole world.

Free from all things at last!

9 thoughts on “the scars of slavery”

  1. Well, that laugh given above that’s for Wayward’s first comment 🙂

    By the way, like the way u expressed it. Bt, is that really possible? Or is there such a status of freedom that can be really attained by us?


    1. Of course it’s possible! We just need to use different methods than the ones we have been using throughout the history of humanity. We are an evolving breed, and it’s time to step it up again. I think we have evolved enough now that we are able to actually make the conscious choice to evolve! 🙂


      1. Thank you 🙂 I get the evolution part and I realise the spirit that you shared with. However, I think there’s always something-an odd element maybe- to make us limited or to keep away from this complete freedom. Even if there’s no something like that, in a way man by default, he in himself is a kind of limited. Maybe I am wrong.


        1. We probably don’t know one way or the other. Maybe neither is the absolute totality of rightness:-) But it’s ok to think the unlimited is possible? no?
          If I think it is not possible for all people to be free, maybe I won’t even try. Then I will be bored with life and there will be not adventure.

          If I believe it is possible, then I give it my best shot, and in doing so, my life is lived to the fullest. I break my own limitations.


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