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tables turned

Was at a museum in Rochester, NY. and took a picture of this art. Don’t remember who the artist is! If you know, please tell me so I can put their name here. Thanks.

What will you do when the tables turn?  They will.  Oh, they will!

Will you ask for forgiveness, or hide your face in shame?

Will you come out, wash the feet of those you have enslaved?

Will you go back to the villages and return the food you stole from their children?

Will you return their shoes as well?

Hope you’re not present when the dragons come out.

Maybe the god you worship–that one that enslaves children–will listen.

Maybe he will hide too. Then you’ll be on your own. What will you do?

Come, wash the feet of those you have enslaved.

Nurse their children back to health.

Maybe their mother will give you another chance.

Bring her tea to wet her throat for her victory speech.

Then sit down and listen to all she has to say.


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