Philosophy, Poetry


Who won’t move mountains for love?

Someone who is afraid of death?


Someone who’s afraid of the great unknown

But sincerity moves mountains alone.

Because it flows unpretentiously

Mountains bow, then step aside.

If a person is not sincere,

their absence is rarely unnoticed

Unless something is needed, of course

Ask yourself this question,

In which way do you buy attention?

What parts of yourself do you give up

for the beautiful idea of being loved?

Add those moments together.

Maybe they will measure up

to what you want the most

Maybe they won’t

Only when you are sincere

does kindness soften people’s hearts.

They give attention naturally

For they loved the way you made them feel

In your absence you will be remembered

and said nice things of

They will look twice when someone looks like you,

Just in case it is you.

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