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So many people think they know how to lead.  They want to stay in the forefront of other people’s lives, and tell them which way to turn.  But how many of them actually ask themselves, “Am I going in the right direction?”

Leading is not about telling people where to go and how to get there. It’s about showing the way by walking the path yourself, and then turning back to mentor those of less experience.

To be a great leader, you must know when to get out of the way when your student is ready to blow past you.  This means you must constantly get over yourself and your ego, and let that person fly, even while you stay on the ground.

There are far too many teachers in academia or in spiritual practices who are stuck in the past, and don’t let their students re-invent the system, or re-express reality.  They think they hold the keys to all truth, and in doing so, do not acknowledge the genius in those of the following generation.

And they call themselves mentors.  They get published and honored. Those who can’t see past the smoke practically worship them.  Nobody moves forward.

The ego-ridden leaders lead in circles.

And a true rebel will break out.



9 thoughts on “mentors?”

  1. lol That’s the bravest thing anyone should practice against those so called mentors.

    If so many people out there also realised this fact in order to response as like u told the world world have been a better place.

    I hate those religious hypocrites the most. Grr


  2. Brave it is indeed! It takes a lot of courage to stand up to the “authorities” in life, take back your own power & autonomy and live unrestrained by bullshit social norms and other people’s ideas of good & bad/right & wrong, etc.

    Rumi says: “Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there”.


  3. Interesting that you mention this. Just heard that Tibetan Monks are switching the focus of meditation from watching thoughts to being aware of the whole body experience.
    Right on Gabs.


  4. Love this one… The “ego” part is so f…. true. Sometimes I believe that the whole world (Serbia is leading) went to hell since people forget to love, charish and respect…and they are so trapped in their egoism and critizism… What and amazing experience to see actually that there are different ways to do what ever you are doing…and isetad of just “do the job” you actually transfer your knowledge and experience to someone else, support that other person and see he/she is blosooming 🙂
    Great thoughts Gab…I miss your thinking, Lady 🙂


    1. There is so much to be learned and created. The older generation has had their time and some of them need to move out of the way so the younger one can step up and, with openness and creativity, solve a lot of problems that are rooted in tradition and archaic mentalities.

      We have so much potential! So, so much potential! If our teachers and mentors can’t see it, then what happens is they obstruct our growth. They stop us from progressing.

      I have personally allowed this to happen to me until I got brave enough to say “Enough!”. Then it was over.


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