total abandon

It’s about holding nothing back. Jesus once said, “abandon all and follow me” to someone, but what does that mean in actual right-here-right-now reality?  Who is the “me” that he was talking about?  I think it’s the voice in our hearts. It’s our soul’s calling that never stops calling until we get up and move…and we already know where to go and what to do, just like Spok already knew how to fly the space shuttle, though he’d never been in it before (in that lifetime).

Your calling is your space shuttle.  Let doubt’s annoying voice shut up for a minute and sit down.  Look at the machine in front of you.  Do one thing that you know you really want to do.  Have no reason for it.  As a matter of fact, the less reason there is the better!  In the end, what is reason anyway, but a process of linear logic? ~ it’s not linear logic that with which you are going to fly your craft~


2 thoughts on “total abandon”

  1. Ounce by ounce we would taste it, I am sure of it.

    Love this one. For, I met my attitude here in ur writing. “less reason there is the better” it is. This is what I was trying to tell in my last blog 🙂 Hey, love this paragraph a lot.

    Total abandon is the wish but most of the time many things pull us back, and many things limit us, I believe.

    Totally abandoned, totally unknown …..a perfect way to live, a life of a super tramp. You better watch the film “Into the wild”


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