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time off in austin

Frost Tower

We are the children and grandchildren of polygamists, which means we have giant family get-togethers and a lot of people to catch up with.  I love my family, and I am so glad I am here to see them all!  But when I’m done here and headed back to Ithaca, I will be so glad, too.  I need to live in a place where I can wake up, drink my coffee in silence, meditate, chant, or do stretches and then move into my day.   I also need to be working on my art projects!  That is the #1 thing that I have missed while being away from Ithaca–my studio and the paintings that want to get painted.

Although I want to be back home, I am wasting no time in Austin.  This is the “step back” time I’m taking to see the big picture, redirect my energies and rest, which I believe is a must if you have a giant goal you are working towards.  Someone asked me yesterday what I do to afford to take 3 weeks off and my quick answer was “I’m an artist”. When I thought about it more, I realized how our work-hard culture is unforgiving and doesn’t allow people to stop and contemplate and make sure they’re doing the right thing with their lives.  Not me.  Not only do I refuse to live that way,  I wish everyone would stop living that way!  We would have a much happier world.

Taking time away from all my projects, and being in a place where I cannot write, because all computers are taken by my nephews (serious gamers!) and I can’t paint because there is not a square foot that is free, with so many people here for the holidays.  All I can do is contemplate, dream and go check out the art scene.  I keep hoping I will stumble across something that makes me feel like there is someone on the planet who gets it. It, the new era humanity is stepping into.  I’m still holding onto hope, knowing it’s probably in a much more exotic setting.  Still frustrated at seeing the world’s Old Self reflected everywhere! And anytime there is a pool of at least decent art, what immediately follows is a local sense of superiority combined with pretentiousness, which is exactly what is happening in Austin.   Great art is not pretentious, folks!  That’s all I gotta say…


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