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I walked on very wobbly legs my first year in Ithaca, carrying with me only a blank sheet of paper to write my new story on.  It’s been about two and a half years since then and my new story wrote itself, one character after another.  It began building a castle of stories that included experiences that I had dreamed of my whole life!  From wine tastings, to a cruise to the Bahamas, to intimate parties with my best friends, long bike rides, and a job I had so much fun at.  The story weaved itself, day after day, until all the details were put in place.  Fr the first time in my life I had the sensation of being full.  I wasn’t hungry anymore!  I arrived in Ithaca starving but am now completely satisfied. I have received so much love! I have also given so much. Some good friends saved my life. I saved other people’s lives. Without knowing it, my circles were still painting themselves around me.

I didn’t discover a new way to paint like I had thought I would.  I discovered a new way to be, and the rest happened on it’s own.

Then my good friends encouraged me to have an art show so they could come buy art.  I waited for the right time, set a date and committed to the show just for them.  Then I invited a few more people, and then a few others, with the intention to keep it under the public radar so as to not attract attention I wasn’t ready for. I also didn’t want anyone to feel uninvited, so I stayed secretive about it.

It was so nice to see some of my favorite people on earth show up with their shiny faces! And they loved my show!  Spotlight attention was a very new experience and I think I was a nervous wreck, but I was in good hands–and in good hearts.  I had painted 20 pieces for this show and 15 sold.  Right after the show I went to a bar with a group of later-comer friends and was so high I didn’t need the booze!

The next day I celebrated by buying myself a 16oz cup of Gimme Coffee and a walk in the early morning.  Then I sat down to write thank you notes to everyone. Every piece of art that was sold was a baby that went to a good home.

5 thoughts on “my first art show”

    1. Hello Britton! Thank you for the link! I love Javed’s work, and actually love another one that is not a circle–I think it’s called Autumn’s Leaves or something like that. Thanks for sharing!

      You can see close ups of my art under “Art”… It should show on your screen with a list of art titles. You have to click on each one of them. It’s not my entire portfolio, just a few images so that people can have and idea of what I paint.

      Thanks so much for the best wishes! Though I’ve been painting for years and feel somewhat confident in my ability, I still feel like I am just starting.

      How are things in India? Hope life is treating you beautifully:-)


      1. India rocks, but government sucks 😀 People go devilish. But, what really matters is hw I am to the other? Change from oneself is missing everywhere.

        The greatest artists N art lovers from all over the world are @ in our place now I guess. For,

        1. 5th International Theatre Festival (I watched most of the plays. It’ll end today)

        2. Biennale – I’ll go there within one week.

        Checked half of ur paintings. Awesome works by the way. Some are tough to grasp though. I love to write abstract stuff but when it comes to the painting part, it’ll make me little slow to grasp. According to my humble thought, the painter should never describe his/her works. For, for me, paintings especially abstract genre will really open multiple doors for the viewer. Shouldn’t limit him in one description. 🙂


        1. Hi Britton, you are amazing!

          I looked at both of those links and am very envious of you that you get to go! What a great luxury and opportunity! You’re going to have to tell me about your experience–or, have you blogged about it? I should be reading your stuff but I’m here checking out everything you send me!
          About describing the artwork– I go back and forth on that one. There are so many people who want to me to write a statement about each piece, and tell them what I was thinking/feeling/going through when I painted it. They want to know what the painting means, and think that only I, being the creator of the work, can tell them.

          But, I did stop describing the paintings. And a few that do come with a description, I am actually tempted to edit. I wrote that more than a year ago, and since then I have grown and changed so much!


          1. Yes, we change N grow. With us our mindset also gets matured N changed. Then what we wrote or drew today, somehow, might not satisfy (sometimes) us on the morrow. 🙂

            Yes, I shall write abt it, abt those theatre experience 🙂


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