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the bitch, the tyrant and the odds

I always thought the odds I was to face was the enemy in the world that showed up as some evil force that did not want me to move forward, much less succeed. But, after much awakening, I realized that I am the one who is at odds with me!  There’s a part of me who wants to go out and fight bad people and bring down those who are causing so much pain in the world.  I want to be the bitch who confronts and defeats the tyrant, never stopping to give a damn about anything else.  Then I remember that that’s not the way to do it.  If you cut off the head of the monster, ten more grow in it’s place!  Where’s sense in that?

I’ve heard some people say that all you have to do is care about the immediate people around you, and not try to change what others are doing.  I find that almost impossible! Then I realize–and I am realizing this again today–the big battle to fight is always right where I am at, and it takes tremendous love, tremendous forgiveness and a whole lot of inner-bitch.  Inner-bitch, because the “tyrant” is real, it is powerful, and it exists everywhere.  A sweet-hearted, play-it-nice woman is not going to make any affect.  You can’t beg an abuser not to abuse you.  You just have to stand up, sword in hand, and say “try it!”

Love and forgiveness, because at a deeper level you know that only those who have been hurt are able to hurt others, and they do it in the same way it’s been done to them.  Their wounds need to be healed.  Seeing the abuser as strictly evil is a very ignorant thing to do! And this social consciousness is what is keeping our planet immersed in some sort of dark ages.

The odds are: Can you hold a sword and Love in the same palm?  Can you defend those who need defending without hating anyone? Can you stand up in a situation where no one else will? Can you walk away from safe grounds and be a hero, yet have no ego in it? Can you do it for us, can you do it for yourself?

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