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the project

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I know the word “project” is over-used and almost cliche, so please forgive me for using it.  Also forgive me for making it the title name of what my whole life is about these days.  If you ever got a chance to eve’s drop on one of mine and Julia’s conversations in the kitchen, you would probably be very annoyed by the third sentence for our overuse of this already worn out word.  Having said all that, I beg your forgiveness and utmost patience as I use this word over and over again.  Thank you in advance.

The place is Ithaca.  The project is the house we live in.  But it’s so much more than that!  It’s not only the walls which I’m painting, (always mixing my own colors), but also the food that is cooked here.  It’s not only the food, but the people that come to eat it.  It’s not only the people, but the conversation that is held between them.  It is not only the conversation, but the delight in the eyes of those conversing.  In order to have this for one moment, we must adjust the level of art, music, gardening, cooking, cleaning, decorating and redecorating to such a degree that when guests come in they immediately feel both relaxed and delighted.

The art hanging on the walls is work I’ve done myself.  The beautiful, spread-out garden in the yard is my project-mate, Julia’s.  She has planted flowers, herbs and vegetables with such care that the plants think of themselves as little demi-gods.  I think Julia agrees.

This house must inhabit the “vibration” of happiness, relaxation, inspiration and delight (Yes, I am aware that this is the third time I’m using this word.  It’s staying).  The word is Delight.  Imagine that? Living in it.  Creating it.  Letting it have a voice of its own.  Letting it pass on to others and spread itself around.  This is our intention with what we have now coined “The Project on Cascadilla Street”.

Personally, just thinking about the project can turn any miserable day around.  Julia and I have had our “roommate drink nights” at different bars where we scheme and dream of more project ideas, and it doesn’t matter how demoralized I had been all day, in just a few minutes of brainstorming, all the light bulbs in my heart come on and I am suddenly the happiest girl in Ithaca!

The best part about this project is that his has nothing to do with achievement, and everything to do with living it on a day to day basis.  By that I mean completely embracing the present moment, art, the spirit of delight, food, wine and any other artistic, culinary or cultural activity that lifts up the spirit.  Living the project is now a new practice, and one that I can do with so much childlike enthusiam!

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