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is the world too big to change?

This morning I left the house demoralized.  I got myself to work and had such a hard time pushing through the day, and no amount of coffee would make me feel better!  After so many days of just feeling bliss, what was it that popped my bubble? I think it was when I realized that the only thing worth fighting for is the dream of ending suffering, but the world is so big and so full of suffering people there is no possible way I can even make a tiny dent!

Although I know I have done so much to help so many people out of extremely hopeless and desperate situations, I feel I still haven’t done enough.  There are so many people who need to be shown the way to end their own suffering, win their personal battles and finally bring this change-the-world-ship to shore!  How can I inspire these people to fight for themselves?  Is there a magic formula that will work?  I used to want to get famous so I could inspire millions of people to change their lives, their village, their hometown, their country and ultimately, the planet.

Since I’m probably not getting super famous any time soon (not even trying!) maybe I should think of a different tactic?  What if the people whose lives I’ve already touched end up being the ones to change the world? Or at least the world around them? Does that make it worth it? Of course it does! But that’s not enough for me.  I want the whole world to be transformed, and I won’t be satisfied until I see that day.

So I thought of something.  Actually, this is what I have been doing before I even knew I was doing it–affecting people through the “superconscious” that connects us all.

Let me zoom in on this:  I think that if one person changes their own situation, then all the people connected to that person “catch wind” and change something in their own lives as well.  If I consistently stand up for myself, then all those connected to me will somehow get the urge to stand up for themselves in ways that I will never even know about.  That’s what I would like to believe, anyway.  Then, if I add to that chanting for people I feel the urge to chant for, reaching out to others who need encouragement, and walking with even others still who need company, then I think that will magnify the strength of the message that is pumped into the “superconscious”.

This is the only thing I know to do right now.  But if I could say something to the world, this would be it: walk with those who need company and encouragement, and never allow yourself to think bad thoughts of them.  You will never be able to wrap your mind around all that has happened to put them in their situation in the first place.  If they don’t explain it to you, it’s probably because it’s inexplicable.  Just walk with them and let them know that everything is going to be ok.  And pray for them if you remember.

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