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The bath tub is filling with hot water, as my mind goes over the idea that the world is a reflection of the dominant consciousness.  That means our world society lives, breathes, walks, talks and makes love under the influence of the world paradigm.  I experience it as going through life with a straitjacket on my soul, then wondering why I’m so depressed and frustrated!

As I try to fully express myself and be free, I find that there are men who automatically put me into a category that they can understand–sexual object, brainless girl, party girl with no ambition to do anything great, etc.  Most of them would never imagine that I could stand up, sword to sword, and actually fight.  But I am perfectly ok with their opinions because I really have nothing to prove and I am willing to let the poor guys that think that way to continue on their blissful ignorance.  Truth will hit them in the face eventually…

But then I find a bigger problem to face–other women.  Women who live in obedience try to force other women to do the same, and they use all possible tactics of control–manipulation, passive-aggression, gossip, and eventually the total loss of their support/friendship.  It is most heartbreaking when you lose your close friends, sisters, and women you have admired for so long simply because they don’t support your own personal freedom!  Because the loss is so great, most women would prefer to live out their lives swimming in their tiny pond just so they can keep their loved ones.  Who can blame them?

Nonetheless, one of the most beautiful sights on earth is a woman emerging into power. (Remember, I’m talking about feminine power here, not masculine).  When women are free to be themselves, express their personalities as loud or as soft as they want to, say what they want to say, do what they want to do without regard for the rules around them, people can’t help but notice.  People think she is beautiful, powerful and sexy, and all she is is *free*.

This has nothing to do with Hollywood and fame and everything to do with our own commitment to be true to ourselves right where we are at.  A woman in her power stops thinking about what others might be thinking of her, and let’s go of the ones that quit supporting her.  All those thoughts and people became the little boats that drift off into sea far past the horizon while her glorious ship sets course to absolute freedom.  Then she moves so far beyond all those things that once held her down that they become a vague memory of a distant island of slavery she once lived on.

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