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I think the best possible beauty treatment that you can give yourself is all the healing you can get your hands on, even if you think you don’t need it.  Most people don’t shine as much as they naturally would because they have old wounds blocking their light-rays.  You don’t have to become a better person, just deal with the hurt and the glow will emerge on its own.  Emotional healing is necessary because we have all undergone inevitable blows to our hearts just by being born and having to grow up in the world.  But there’s no one system and no one method that works for all people (you would think I shouldn’t have to say this), so you have to shop around a bit before you get settled in with any single one.

Just keep in mind the number one rule to the healing goose chase: always, always listen to yourself first!  Under no circumstances are you to put another person’s logic, experience, expertise, etc. before your own inner knowing.  I don’t care how great of a guru they are and how many books they’ve written.  You are the embodiment of God, or the Buddha, and are just as capable of accessing all the wisdom of the universe as anybody else.  The only time(s) you surrender your life to someone else’s healing/guidance is, um, wait..never.  Your entelechy knows what it wants to be and what is blocking its personal expression.  No one else can know that for you.  So if there is an odds of opinions in the area of your life, guess who’s opinion has to back down? Definitely not yours!

I think one of the most beautiful things to see is a woman in her power.  But you cannot be fully in your power if you live your life swimming in a tiny pond that inhibits who you really are.  And there are two main reasons I can think of why a person would do this: 1, we are afraid of other people’s opinions of us; and 2, we don’t know our own potential and are afraid to discover it.  Most of us have spent our entire lives under the evil spell of fear!  Time to step out.  And as you step out, remember that judging is really ugly and take no part in it. That means, don’t judge others who choose to stay behind, and don’t judge yourself for constantly screwing up.  Just know that your walking-forward, whether screwing it up or not along the way, will inspire the laggers to take a few steps too (even if they would never admit it).  That is enough.

Quantum physics says that when one molecule changes all other molecules connected to it shift in the same moment as if they had a connecting thought.  You are a molecule in the grand universe and when you shift all other people with whom you have connections shift as well.  So when you step into your beauty, you make the world more beautiful not only by adding to it with your person, but with the effect that happens in the world that you may never notice.

And remember that beauty is not meant to be in a cage.  Let her walk the streets and drop beauty dust on everyone she meets.  Let her shine in the workplace and on the playing field.  Let her run with no inhibitions.  Let her speak her mind.  For god’s sake, let her be free!

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