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happy birthday!

P1130861The Universe agrees that, in fact, I am a princess…and it’s even snowing for me!  I remember as a child growing up in the deserts of Mexico and yearning to see mountains, vegetation and snow.  So many years later and I’ve seen great mountains, great vegetation and, here in Ithaca, great snow.  Yes, they say it’s not as much as it has been, but it’s quite enough for me…especially when it’s on my birthday.  I’m indoors today, cozy, warm, candles burning, coffee in my favorite mug, Pink Floyd playing on Pandora, people wishing me all kinds of happy birthdays in phone calls, texts, emails and my favorite–facebook.  I love to see all the birthday wishes on my wall! It makes me feel so loved.  Actually it reminds me that in fact, I am loved.  Sometimes I forget.

Today I am reveling and celebrating myself and going with whatever flow comes to me, hoping to set a new tone for my upcoming year.  This year I plan to have less drama and more carefree fun.  I plan to spend less time worrying about obligation and more time going with the flow of enjoyment and spontaneity.  I will wear more make-up and jewelry and get back to size 6 (from size 8).  I will dance more, sing more,  paint more and resist the temptation to be anyone’s hero.  That means I won’t change the world (just for this year).  I won’t even try.  I think I will call it my “Change-the-world-abstinence-year” and that will be my mantra in the event that I need one to keep me from jumping on some revolutionary bandwagon, which happens to be a re-occurring habit of mine.

This year I’m going to be a fun-loving heathen and let anyone who dares judge me think I sold my soul.  Yes, I did sell it! And I will do it again.  For all these droplets of fun and pleasure? hell yeah.  The great thing is, just as soon as I want my soul back, I’ll just step up and take it back!  Then I could sell it to someone else at even a higher price and have even more fun doing so!  Then take it back again when I get bored of that…

All this fun doesn’t make me *not-a-princess*.  The Princess impossible to “un-princess-ize”.

Note: The Princess is that living greatness inside every single girl.  It’s up to us to own it!

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