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spa day

I arrived in Ithaca at 11:30pm Saturday night, and immediately went to a good friend’s birthday party.  Because I agreed to work Sunday, I didn’t get the rest I needed.  Now I’m at the end of Monday, and yes, I did get a very good day of rest!  In fact, I inspired myself to have “Spa Day” once a week because of how beautiful today was.

Here’s what I did: I woke up late (10am-ish) and chanted for about 2 hours until I felt completely content.  Then I had a cup of Gimme coffee and put on some workout clothes to go jogging. Beautiful weather! Sunny and just slightly cool.  Then I walked out to a trail in the woods (tried to jog but that wasn’t happening). Did some stretches on a pier at Stewart Park and watched ducks swim and play in the sunlight.

When I came home I decided to do some beauty treatments to my hair and skin, spent some time soaking in all the images of my dreamboards, drank my cayenne pepper lemonade and took a long, hot, hot bath.  The bath was for detox purposes which I love to do every now and then.  While in the bath I did some meditations to release any residue “debris” of negative experiences I have had, including the stress about money.  I allowed my attention to go to where I felt pockets of dark, stagnated energy and asked them to release themselves from my body, while doing breath-work I had learned several years ago in Austin.

When I got out of the bath I blow-dried my hair straight and painted my toenails red, put on my favorite jeans and a red turtle neck shirt.  I’m not finished until I put eye make-up, earrings and a bracelet on.  Oh, yeah, and pretty shoes (when the nail polish was dry enough).  Then I thought, I should make it a habit to do this regularly! I think I will call it “spa day”.   Maybe I’ll invite some girlfriends to join me. We could drink yummy smoothies and invent healthy recipes while we’re letting our masques and nail polish dry.  We could also read about what’s best to eat and why.  All this sounds like a completely fun way to spend a day, preferable Sunday.

Now, as I write, I realize that it’s Monday and guess what that means? It’s roommate drink night day! Soon I’ll walk a few blocks to the bar where I’m supposed to meet my roommate. Yay!

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