My Art Journey

ithaca update

Finally in the spirit of blogging again! Been in Ithaca for over a year now and did a whole lot of transformation of the inner self.  Transformation, as I see it, takes a lot of cacoon time with a lot of rest, reading, walking, meditating, thinking, chanting, etc. and very little social activities.  Also, not much gets created in the way of art.  I don’t think it’s natural for artists to just produce and produce without taking the necessary time out– and this pop-culture mentality about productivity is screwing everything up!

So, back to the present moment… I am viewing my life change before my eyes, like an old movie on fast-forward.  From a girl who suffered so much trauma, then post-traumatic stress, to a woman who is enjoying the daily routine of life–eating the delicious meals that my roommate cooks and having the best conversations I have ever had in my life with her over these meals.  We also talk over coffee in the mornings and catch up about our days in the evenings.  When I’m not working or talking to my roommate, I’m painting the walls of the house we’re renting.  I mix my own paint and create colors from intuition, hoping the finished product will be what my future self needs.  Meanwhile, my roommie spends hours a day in the garden and has turned our back yard into such an enviable place to relax!

To say the least, our roommate/friendship relationship is very symbiotic.  I help her with her fashion choices and she educates me with oh, so many things, like food and how to set the table properly and french and you name it!  And of course, we go down the windy, and sometimes stormy trails, of our respective romantic dramas, offering advice, solace, and sometimes, a reality check .

Before I moved to Ithaca, I thought I was going to move to a fast paced city on the east coast.  But, as life would have it, I ended up here and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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